Conquering Terrains,

Making History Since 1998
Designed to dominate, Tata Safari was born as India’s first off-roading SUV. Tarmacs, no tarmacs, gravel, rocky roads, slippery surfaces or come what may, a new driving experience was unleashed, powered by DiCOR- the 3.0L beast of an engine. It combined brute force with comforting feels and how!
  • DiCOR 3.0L Engine

    DiCOR 3.0L Engine

  • Signature Front Grill

  • Anti-lock Braking System

The New Safari Storme Makes a
Hair-Raising Entry in 2012
Tuned up for a rigorous performance and moulded for the evolving times, the new Safari Storme turned heads everywhere it went across the country. A facelift in 2015 attracted many more eyes to its evolution in design. Come 2016 and fans were enthralled with a new variant sporting an all-new 6-speed gearbox and the mammoth 400Nm torque grunting, VARICOR engine. Capable of shifting to 4X4 on the fly, Safari Storme continued to mark its territory as the ultimate machine to take on any terrain.
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Proven Hero, On and Off-road
Tata Safari proved itself as a force to be reckoned with, marking its territory as the victor at several events. It became the preferred armoured vehicle for security forces across the country. Over the years, it has continued to storm multiple rallies and off-roading events with jaw-dropping performances.
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