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Tata Safari Dicor is packed with SUV features including new generation 2.2 VTT Dicor engine. This world class diesel engine gives 140PS power & 320 Nm Torque.

2.2 VTT DiCOR Engine of Safari DiCOR

  • Direct Injection, Common Rail, 16 valves Aluminum cylinder head. Contemporary world class diesel engine.
  • Variable Turbine Technology (VTT) incorporated in the turbocharger generates a higher air density at low engine speeds, allowing a greater input of fuel for the same air-fuel ratio, thus increasing power while making engines more fuel-efficient and cleaner burning. BS IV compliant.
  • Fully electronic controlled fuel injection system. Higher injection pressure (1600 bar) for higher power and torque
  • Hydraulic Lash Adjusters and Roller Finger Followers for maintenance free, quite operation with low noise vibration and harshness.


  • Instant Pick Up of Safari DiCOR

    Instant pick up

    Acceleration 0 - 60 Kmph in 6.8 secsAcceleration 0 - 100 Kmph in 15.8 secs

  • Max Speed of 180kmph for Safari DiCOR

    Max Speed

    160 kmph

  • Effective Braking for Tata Safari DiCOR

    Effective Braking

    80 - 0 kmph stopping distance 38 meters

  • Fuel Efficient SUV - Safari DiCOR

    Fuel Efficient

    11.57 Kmpl (Certified by CMVR, Rule 115)

  • Maximum Gradiability of 78%


    Gradiability of 78%

Comfort & Convenience

  • Comfortable Interiors of Tata Safrai DiCOR

    For ride comfort

    The Tata Safari DiCOR interior boasts perfectly cushioned, contoured seats, for the most comfort for your body during those long, hard drives

  • 5 link suspension

    5 link suspension

    The Safari comes equipped with a heavy-duty suspension designed to take on any terrain. It has a double wishbone system with torsion bars at the front and a 5 link-suspension with coil springs at the rear. It ensures a superior ride and handling comfort, both on the road and off it.

  • Puddle lamp
    Puddle lamp

    Puddle lamp

    So what if your Safari is parked in a poorly lit area? The puddle lamp conveniently illuminates the area along the side of your Safari as you approach it at night.

  • Follow me home light
    Follow me home light

    Follow me home light

    Now you can depend on your Safari to show you the way in the dark, even after the ignition is switched off. With the follow me home feature, the headlights come on when the car is locked with the remote key and stay on for 30 seconds, enough to ensure that you aren't left in the dark.

  • Parking lot locator
    Parking lot locator

    Parking lot locator

    The Safari Dicor sports a convenient feature for locating your car at night in parking lots. The remote unlocking operation brings on the roof light, which stays on for 5 seconds before fading out. Driver co-driver & middle row seats are provided with the foldable arm rests.

  • Side foot step
    Side foot step

    Side foot step

    For the ease of the passenger enters or exits the vehicle

  • Dual HVAC with roof mounted rear blower

    Dual HVAC with roof mounted rear blower

    Safari is equipped with an extremely efficient heating and air conditioning systems with a separate roof mounted unit for middle and rear passengers.
    (one or more features shown in this image may not be a part of the actual vehicle.)

Safety Features

  • International Certification

    International Certification

    Certified as per 74/297/EEC (European Regulation) with regard to the protection of the driver and the front passenger in the event of a full frontal collision.

  • Rugged chassis & body construction
    Rugged chassis & body construction

    Rugged chassis & body construction

    Mounted over a strong ladder frame, the shell has several crumple zones and other energy absorbing design features to soak up the energy of impact in case of a collision.

  • Anti-Submarine Seats

    Anti-Submarine Seats

    Seats that prevent the occupant from sliding forward in case of braking or any other form of speed variation.

  • Demister on Rear windscreen
    Demister on Rear windscreen

    Demister on Rear windscreen

    It helps defogging the rear windshield in case of any mist formation during cold climate

Off Roading


The following Tata Safari DiCOR features make it one of the best 4x4s in its class:

  • Shift-on-the-fly 4x4 engagement.(Ability to engage 4 wheel drive while on the move).
  • High ground clearance (205mm)
  • High approach angle (31°) and departure angle (31°)
  • High Ramp-break over angle (30°)
  • Ability to climb steep gradients 26° Sustained Gradiability
  • High water wading level - 300mm
  • Limited slip differential to avoid tyre slippage